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09.01.14 Fantastic Vex Voir sure knows how to sole tease, and this clip is one and a half minute of constant action.  Vex points, splays and scrunches her perfect toes and soles until you can’t take it anymore, and you wouldn’t have it any other way.

04.07.14 Stunning Annette - all six feet of her, does what she does best for the camera.  Annette twists and flexes her jaw dropping arches, and leaves no doubt as to why she's fast becoming a foot model extraordinaire.  Annette's graceful size 10s inspire passion and awe in equal measure.

03.31.14 Stunning Little Dee just keeps being, well, stunning.  She works her magic from her own home, and shows yet again why she's such a legendary foot queen.  Dee is always up for showing off her delectable size 6s, something she does her with her usual abandon.

03.24.14 Superb Annette is as awe inspiring as they come.  At six foot tall, and with miles of legs, Annette cuts quite a figure, just standing around.  But is her slender, super high arched size 10s that really steal the show.  Annette is simply imposing from head to toe, and great feet aside, she's quite stunning in her own right.

07.01.13 Awe inspiring Precious Spectra is back on The Fair, and not a moment too soon. This magnificent model, with her beautiful ivory skin and very impressive high arches, is just a force of nature, and you can check her out in the members section.

06.24.13 Power blonde Brittany makes her debut with Feet Fair, and shows why she'll be a force to be reckoned with for a long time. Brittany has awesome size 7s, with high arches and beautiful toes, good enough to eat.

05.20.13 Blonde bombshell Cherie De Ville just keeps on bringin' it every time, and we would expect no less from this flawlessly sexy goddess. Cherie knows how to use her petite high arches, to entrance, excite and amaze, and that's just the truth!

05.06.13 Voluptuous Angela is nothing short of a force of nature, and she proves it here by doing foot teasing that is off the charts erotic.  Angela prefer to tease in Spanish, and that only adds extra spice to her already potent mix of sex and magic.

11.26.12 Ultra voluptuous Titania has joined The Fair, and that's off the charts magnificent.  This super sexy model is way hot from head to toe, and her arches are a high as her bust is large, and her ruby red, kissable lips, this is win-win, no matter how you slice it.  You're going to love Titania is the truth, and don't you forget it.

10.08.12 Latina babe Angela is back, and she's all that, and that's the truth!  This ultra sexy mature model is a brick house from head to toe, and she can work it with the best of them, teasing like it's nobody's business, and you're lucky enough to see it.

09.10.12 Cute and perky Casey is always a treat for all the senses, what with those amazing soft soles and high arches of hers.  Casey is here, bringing you another helping of sweet video clips for the soul, and delivering her sweet magic.

08.27.12 Stunning Cherie DeVille is back, with those devastatingly sweet arches of hers, and that body that won't quit; what's not to love?  It has been a while since she was here, but Cherie makes sure wait was worth it in spades.

08.06.12 Meet ultra sultry Latina Angela - another pure knockout babe with megawatts of sex appeal.  Angela loves getting her feet catered to, and she loves it when people notice them as she walks about town.  Being fancy's friend, she knows what gets the foot guys going, and she works her magic to perfection.

06.18.12 Russian hottie Julie has the kind of soles that you just can't get enough off.  Her awesome size 9s, are milky white and butter soft, and her soles are simply addictive in every way, and when you add her voluptuous body to the mix, game over...

05.07.12 The very sexy Rachelle likes to work her very sexy size 7s, and work them she does, to absolute perfection.   The way she talks will get your attention too, 'cause this girl really knows the art of secduction.  Check her out and be impressed, be very impressed...

04.23.12 Floofie and Julie bring a double dose of trouble to the table this week.  These two very different models have one thing in common, and that's devastating feet, and that makes it doubly fun for all of us

04.02.12 Latin babe Alicia has a body that just won't quit, complete with devastatingly sweet feet to match, so there you have it.  Alicia is no stranger to our audience, and those in the know love the way she brings it every time, so enjoy her three new clips.

02.13.12 Amazing blonde goddess Harmony brings her amazingly mouthwatering size 9s to The Fair, and she does it to devastating effect.  Harmony is pure power from head to toe, and she'll thrill and amaze you, like only she can, so be happy and enjoy.

11.12.11 Precious Spectra is another high arched wonder, with superb size 8.5s for you all to see.  PS absolutely loves it when guys admire and worship her feet, and that makes her a natural Feet Fair model, and with arches like hers, it will be no time before she has legions of fans clamoring for more.

11.21.11 Gorgeous blonde Holly is just dazzling, specially when she's dangling those amazing 7.5s of hers, and making us drool.  Holly is electric from head to toe, and she's here to bring it again, and make a believer out of you all.

11.07.11 Beautiful Lizzy is here again, ready to take you down, and set you right.  Lizzy is amazing from head to toe, and she loves to work her fans into a lather with her sweet 6.5s, so check out her clips and be amazingly thrilled and happy.

10.24.11 On this update, we've added a double dose of fun in the form of Leti and her succulent size 7.5s, and Luana with her sweet size 6s.  These amazing models have it all, from head to irresistible toes, so just sit back and let them thrill you the way only they can.

10.17.11 Meet beautiful Floofie, a petite model, who is pure dynamite, from head to toe.  Floofie has the high arches you've come to expect from many Feet Fair models, but the rest of her is just as electric, and she works her magic to perfection, which makes her a fine addition to the roster.

10.10.11 Fresh faced California girl Tori is ready for her close-up, and so are her soft and supple size 8.5s.  Tori debuts with The Fair this week, and she's going to be a very successful foot model 'cause she already dynamite, from head to toe.  Watch Tori foot tease, and get ready to drool with desire.

09.19.11 Stunner Holly makes her foot fetish debut at The Fair and proves to be quite a quick study.  Never having done any foot teasing in front of the camera did not faze Holly, as she beautifully show's off her amazing size 7.5, and seduces you with her soft, sweet voice.  Holly is just an amazing addition to Feet Fair, and you will all love her.

09.12.11 The very sexy Masha is back, this time in HD, showing off her amazingly sexy size 7s, and teasing like it's nobody's business.  Masha has a pair of very elegant feet, which she's always happy to display, ad she love the idea that they turn you on as much as they do.

08.29.11 Meet sweet and sexy Leti, a girl with amazing size 75.s and a winning smile.  Leti may be new to foot modeling, but she's a natural in front of the camera, and in no time at all, she was foot teasing like a pro.  Leti will definitely make an impression on everyone who checks out her irresistible feet.

08.22.11 Ravishing Russian brunette Luana is something to behold, as she regally stretches and points her lovely size 6s for all to see.  Luana loves it when her feet get the attention they deserve, and she's always looking for a good foot massage; are you good enough to provide one for her?

07.25.11 Gorgeous Cherie DeVille is another power blonde, in the finest Feet Fair tradition.  Of course, her dainty size 6s are just delectable, with a very nifty high arch and very supple toes.  Cherie is new to the foot fetish game, but she easily and swiftly picked up on the art of foot tease, and her clips are a visual and audio treat to foot lovers.

07.25.11 Amazing Asian Bambi is here, and what a treat she is. Bambi is just too hot to handle, and that's from head to toe, but since we're a foot fetish site, what toes!  You're going to love the way Bambi teases, because she's fearless and uninhibited, and loves it when her feet get the attention they deserve.

07.04.11 Meet Lizzy, a very hot young model with sweet feet to match.  Lizzy may be new to the world of foot fetishism, but she takes to it like a cop to a donut, and soon learns the art of tease to perfection.  Lizzy's succulent size 6.5s are just mesmerizing, and so is she...

06.27.11 Super sexy, and super petite Bobbie Smyth is an awesome foot model.  Start with her sweet and soft size 5s, which are just magical, and add some beautifully high arches, and you have works of high art.  Bobbie is not shy about using her delicate feet to tease you beyond any resistance, and that's just what the doctor ordered.

06.20.11 Russian dynamo Luana is electric from head to toe, and that's just what the doctor ordered.  Luana makes her foot fetish debut here at Feet Fair, and she does it with spectacular results, as she works her perfect size 6s like a pro.  Another great find, and another great addition to our roster.

05.30.11 If you like mature models with amazing, high arched feet, then Mo Rina is just what the doctor ordered.  MO Rina is killer from head to toe, and a natural born foot tease, as she enjoys receiving compliments about her shapely feet, and of course much, much more.  You will love this awesome model, and you can now see her clips.

05.23.11 Sultry and voluptuous Sahrye is here, showing off her magnificent size 5.5s for all the world to admire, and they will be admired for sure.  Sahrye is pure dynamite, from head to toe, and her sweet, mouthwatering tootsies, she's going to make tons of fans at Feet Fair.

05.16.11 You can never get enough of a good thing, so Paradox has more nifty clips for you all.  You know her, and you love her, and those ridiculously high arches can drive anyone to distraction, so Paradox works them to perfection, and you have no alternative except surrendering unconditionally, and loving every moment of it.

05.02.11 Gorgeous Chinese model Leila is back on The Fair, after being away for a long time, and this time she makes her video debut, just four our benefit.  Leila has a mouthwatering pair of size 8s that can drive anyone to distraction, and aren't we the lucky ones that will be distracted.  We're lucky dogs indeed.

04.25.11 Tall and gorgeous Ariel Anderssen is back, after a four year absence, and she's really bringin' it in High Def, as she flirts and teases with her magical size 10s, and makes everyone weak at the knees.  It's good to have Ariel back, and you won't have to wait four more years to see her again.

04.04.11 After a five year absence, ultra sexy Russian Julie is back in the fold, and bringing those mouthwatering size 9s that she's famous for.  Julie's soles are just devastating, and her toes are equally compelling, so combine that with a killer body, and how can you possibly go wrong?

03.07.11 Amazing Paradox helps us celebrate Arch Madness, by showing off her killer arches again, and letting us know that we're absolutely powerless against her magnificent size 10s.  Paradox is as sexy as she is imposing, and she works her brutally sexy feet, like it's nobody's business.

01.14.11 Here comes another great petite model with great petite feet, just for you.  Sweet and sexy Lil' Lesey is something to behold, and she loves to tease with her mouthwatering size 5s until you scream uncle.  Lesey is so brutally sexy, that she's impossible to ignore.

01.24.11 Meet petite Bobbie Smyth, who is a living testament that greatness comes in small packages.  Bobbie's feet are somewhere between 4.5/5 and they are endowed with beautifully high arches, and gorgeous, supple soles.  Bobbie may be new to foot fetish modeling, but she can work her toots with the best of them, and will leave you drooling uncontrollably.

01.03.11 The new year is here, and what better way to greet it than by having some new and exciting clips.  First up is Paradox, with her absurdly high arches, coming back in style, and teasing the way it's meant to be done.  Up next is sweet and sexy Latina Adrianna, who has a pair of sweet size 7s of her own, and who loves to show them off.

12.27.10 Gorgeous Norwegian, Nete is back to Feet Fair, and she's looking as dazzling as ever, with her gorgeous smile, and irresistible size 7.5 tootsies.  Nete is right at home teasing you 'til you can't stand it anymore, and you will fall into her spell before you know it.

12.06.10 Zinaida is back with those crazy sexy, impossibly high arches of hers.  Zinaida loves to have fun, all the while showing off her amazing feet, and otherworldly soles and arches, and who can argue with that?  If you like what you see, you can always pick up her brand new DVD in the shopping area.

11.22.10 Petite Renee Blaine is simply the cat's meow, and she possesses an amazing pair of high arched size 5s that will amaze and delight you in a special way.  Not only are her dainty toots beautifully arched, they are as smooth as butter and a treat to all the senses, so treat yourself and check her out in her three new HD video clips in the members area.

11.08.10 Sexy blonde Marie is here, and she's pretty spectacular.  Marie's sweet size 7s are just mesmerizing, and she's only too happy to show them off, just for you.  See Marie's splendid debut, as she works her pretty peds to perfection, and serving notice that she's a force to be reckoned with.

11.01.10 Raven haired Lydia makes her debut at The Fair and lays down the law.  Lydia loves foot modeling, and it really shows, the way she teases her rapt audience, and loves every minute of it.  Lydia is just an amazing addition to our site.

10.11.10 Young Adrianna is one fine Latina, and she really loves to tease.  Adrianna is new to the foot fetishism game, but that doesn't stop her from being naturally great at it, 'cause a flirt is a flirt, and whether you want just her feet, or maybe the rest of her, it's all good to her.

10.04.10 Voluptuous Latina Alicia is at it again, bringin' the heat with those sexy feet of hers, and doing it in style.  Alicia loves her feet, and she's loves it when YOU love them, so everything's good with the world. Watch her tease you to distraction, and love every minute of it.

09.27.10 You all know Casey - she of the delectable, creamy white soft soles, and perky high arches.  Casey is back with some new clips, and she doesn't disappoint, bitches, 'cause she brings it every time.  Casey is completely at home having her feet worshiped and adored, and she'll give you a glimpse of what it's like to have her sweet soles dangerously close to your face.

09.13.10 High arched Polish queen Marien is at it again.  Marien is the perfect foot tease, and she loves to use her perfect size 6s to make everyone drool with desire.  Watch Marien contort her lithe frame, and arch her remarkable tootsies every which way.

09.06.10 Gorgeous, statuesque Daniela knows what it's all about, after all, she's used to guys drooling at her sweet size 10s.  Daniela is an expert foot tease, and she expects her devotees to completely surrender at her magnificent feet, which of course, they happily oblige.

08.30.10 Here comes statuesque Paradox again, ready to lay waste to us, with her obscenely high arches, and her super soft soles.  Paradox has a pair of size 10s from heaven, and she knows how to use them to their fullest, devastating effect.  You've been warned.

08.23.10 Norwegian goddess Nete makes her foot fetish debut in a very spectacular way, and that is by completely mesmerizing us with her totally drool-worthy size 7s, and her mouthwatering, soft soles.  This debut is as good as it gets, and it's here for your enjoyment.

08.09.10 Buxom California girl Yurizan is the cat's meow, and she knows it.  Yurizan loves showing off her very sexy size 8s, with their amazing wrinkled soles, and she delights in knowing that men are powerless to resist the.  What's not to love?

08.09.10 This is a double dose of busty fun as amazing newcomer Tara Lind teams up with Fair Girl deluxe Mai - and they both bring the heat off the charts.  These two awesome glam queens will leave you dizzy with desire and lust for their sweets toots, and the rest of them.

07.26.10 Meet voluptuous Latina Adrianna, a girl with everything going on.  Adrianna has very sexy size 7 feet, which she loves to put on display for all the world to see, and Feet Fair viewers can see them in all their glory, 'cause this is her foot modeling debut.

07.19.10 This week we have a lethal dose of Latin fire for you all.  First up is foot modeling debutante Alicia who is just too hot for words, and watching her video clips will silence all doubters.  Joining Alicia is Fair Girl Maureen, whom we all know and love, working her absurdly sexy size 5s like only she can.

07.05.10 You've all seen Mona Lisa's obscenely high arches by now, and judging by your reaction, you can't get enough of them.  Well this time how about a little bit of Mona Lisa wearing stockings and gold heels? Sounds good?  It's more than just good, it's simply spectacular the way she works those magic feet for our pleasure.

06.28.10 Sultry Deana is just what the doctor ordered.  Deana may be slander, but she's all curves, and her feet, are just the definition of sweet heaven.  Deana makes her foot fetish debut here, and she makes sure to put her best foot forward (no pun intended) and leave you wanting more.

06.14.10 Foot fetish debutante Selina, has some sweet little feet, and sweet and little they are.  Selina's toots run size 5 or smaller, but they are just perfect in every way, and she loves to show them off, so what's not to like?

05.31.10 Amazing Mai is one of my favorite models.  This young lady exudes a quiet confidence that is impossible to miss, and she brings the fire and the passion every time, albeit in a low key way.  Mai loves foot teasing, and she loves having her feet worshipped, and I think her video works bears that out.

05.03.10 Gorgeous Daniela is here, popping and sizzling, and using her super sexy size 9.5s to devastating effect.  Not only does Daniela has amazing feet, the way she teases with her voice has to be heard to be believed; her self- assured and inviting tone is like a siren's call to any true foot lover.

04.26.10 I met scintillating Sidney through Mona Lisa, and boy am I grateful.  Sidney is pure sexy from head to toe, and can bring the "wow" with the best of them.   She's here this week, doing her thing, and laying down the law.  Check out her three hot new clips in the members area.

04.19.10 Gorgeous Ava Starr is amazing to behold.  Not only is Ava a very pretty young lady, but her sweet size 6's are nothing short of superb, and that's why she's here to tease Feet Fair members, until they can no longer take it.

04.12.10 This week we have yet another amazing model with super high arches.  Zinaida is just smokin' from head to toe, but it's her 7.5 feet and super high arches arches that will get your attention.  Check out her clips, and then come and tell me she's not awesome...

03.29.10 Fair Girl and busty beauty Mai is back after being away for some time, but the wait was surely worth it.  Making her HD debut, Mai teases with her sweet size 8s and loves to get a rise out of her audience, which she invariably does.

03.22.10 Gorgeous Heather London is here, doing what she does best, foot teasing like it's nobody's business.  She can purr like a kitty, and wow you with her amazing legs, but it's those beautiful size 7 feet that will really get your attention.  Check out her three new video clips in the member section, and if you like what you see, pick up her DVD at the DVD store.

03.08.10 Paradox is an Amazon goddess; standing at 6' 2" in her stocking feet, she cuts quite an imposing figure.  But it's Paradox's Amazing, mouthwatering, size 10 feet that will get your attention.  Paradox has really high arches, amazing soles, and succulent toes that make her toots utterly irresistible to anyone with a passion for beautiful female fee.  Check her out in the member section and be part of the discovery buzz.

02.22.10 Hello kids, this week we feature amazing Fair Girl Francine, whom you all know and love.  She now has her first three HD video clips in the members area.  It doesn't matter the time or the place, Francine delivers time and time again.

02.15.10 Amazing Mona Lisa is back, and you already know her, and her world beating feet, so she's back to give you some more.  Watch Mona Lisa stretch her impossibly high arches, splay her toes, and dangle her sexy heels like it's nobody's business.  Mona Lisa is more than just über sexy, she's positively mesmerizing, and she'll show you what foot teasing is all about.

02.08.10 Danger blonde Marien is just stunning, from head to toe she's hard to beat, and because she has amazing size 7s, with beautiful arches, well, that just takes it over the top.  Unlike a lot of girls, Marien loves her feet, and she genuinely gets a kick of so many men who love them too.

01.25.10 Stunning Sidney is new to foot fetish modeling, but that doesn't stop her from being incredible at it.  Sidney is just too happy to have you lusting for her feet, so it's all good, and you know it.  Her magnificent size 9s are pure joy to behold.

12.21.09 Just in time to help us celebrate the Christmas season, we bring new three new clips, featuring Sabrina and her amazing arches.  Sabrina wears her jolly Santa outfit, complete with matching red heels, and works her voluptuous arches to perfection, so you definitely don't want to miss this show.

12.14.09 Sultry brunette Vivian brings on the fun, with three nifty new clips that showcase her perfect size 6s perfectly.  Watch Vivian flirt with her feet, and her voice, all the while driving you to the point of distraction.  Good stuff indeed.

12.07.09 Here's a nifty treat for you all, three of our most kick-ass models, featured together.   You've already seen sub girl Erika and Rochelle before, when Erika worshiped Rochelle's feet like her life depended on it.  Well, throw in the very hot Tracy J. in the mix, and Erika has her work cut out for her.  No worries, she's more than up for the task, and is able to please the other two, and please herself too.

11.30.09 A lot of you probably don't know or remember Heather London, but she was featured on Feet Fair about seven years ago to rave reviews.  Alas, this lovely model moved back to Europe shortly after her debut here, and I lost track of her.  Well, as luck would have it, she's now back in the states, and living in the NYC area, so I jumped at the chance to bring her succulent size 7s back, and boy was it worth the wait.

10.26.09 Rochelle returns with a friend, who sees to it that Rochelle's feet are always pampered and happy.  Erika is a dedicated sub, and there's nothing she loves more than to worship Rochelle's feet. Their new set sizzles and pops, as Erika surrenders herself completely to Rochelle's sexy feet.

10.12.09 This week we have an arch lover's treat, as both Mona Lisa and Sabrina flex their muscles, sort of speak, to bring you one of the most awesome foot shows you have ever seen.  Sabrina had the highest arches of any model I had ever worked with, until Mona Lisa came along, but they're both amazing in their own right, so take a seat and enjoy the show.

10.05.09 Beautiful Asian babe Kaitlyn sure knows how to put on a show.  She has never displayed her succulent soles to the public before but is very keen to try, and once she gets warmed up, there's just not stopping her.  You will love Kaitlyn's easy smile, but you'll adore her dainty size six feet.

09.07.09 Petite Leona sure is easy on the eyes, starting with her beautiful hazel eyes, and ending in her delectably perfect size 5 feet, complete with perfect, wrinkly soles.  Her three new clips are a visual treat, not to be missed under any circumstance.

08.31.09 New models Casey and Rochelle really like each other's feet, and they waste no time in showing it in three torrid HD video clips, which can be seen in the members section.  Rochelle takes the lead, as she marvels at Casey's high and the proceeds greedily devours Casey's tiny, yet shapely size 5.5s.

08.24.09 Sultry, stunning, ravishing - all these adjectives describe Latina bombshell Monik to perfection, and just so you don't forget, we have some new video clips to bring it all home.  Monik delights in having guys (and gals) lust after her perfect size 6.5s which is something that happens very often, and very naturally, and when she teases in her native Spanish language, well, hold on to the roof!

08.10.09 Awesome Sabrina is back, with those imposing arches of hers, and as usual, she puts on quite a show.  Watch her flex, band, arch and splay her mouthwatering tootsies, and be amazed beyond comprehension.

08.03.09 Magnificent Mona Lisa is back, with those ridiculously high arches of hers, and treats you to a wonderful outdoors show.  Mona is just too irresistible in her blue dress and clear heels, as she does her thing, and lets you know who's boss.

07.13.09 High arched blonde Kim serves up a mean kind of tease.  Kim has the type of voice that was made for teasing, and she will have your attention in no time at all, when she flashes her dangerous tootsies and devastating smile at you.

07.06.09 Here comes statuesque Rochelle, ready to take the world by storm, and if you don't believe she can, than you should check out her video clips in the member section.  Rochelle is the total package, from head to toe, and she's another great addition to Feet Fair.

06.29.09 Meet Casey, a very appealing young blonde who is a sweet as she is hot.  Casey will drive you nuts, with her tiny, high arched feet, and her bubbly personality will simply win you over.  She's now part of the Feet Fair roster, and you can start by checking out HD video clips in the member section.

06.15.09 Here's a dose of double poison for you all.  Gorgeous new model Beauty Foster truly lives up to her name, as she is beautiful from head to toe, and she's now exclusive to Feet Fair.  Not to be outdone, beautiful Candle is also here, and this blonde beauty struts her stuff, for the first time on foot tease video action.  Look for a new High-Def DVD from Candle very soon.

06.01.09 New model Mona Lisa breaks out or new High Definition video clips in style.  Mona Lisa's arches have to be seen to be believed, and they way she uses them is beyond words, so what are you waiting for?  Check them out and be convinced...

12.22.08 Ultra hot Sasha West is primed to make you drool, as she plays with her prefect little feet, all for your viewing pleasure, and what a fun and sexy show she puts on.  Sasha knows fully well, what beautiful feet can do to some guys, and even some gals, and she’ll joyfully exploit this for her amusement, and your viewing thrills.  If you like what you see, you can always pick up her 32 minute DVD on the shopping section.

12.15.08 Gorgeous Leah G brings home the noise with another powerful set of video clips that are just the sizzling!  Clad in nothing but electric blue Spandex tights, she works her magic to perfection, tantalizing us with those crazy high arches of hers, and making everyone feel good.

12.01.08 Awesome Latina Belle is back, using those devastating high arches of hers, to make you drool and buzz with desire.  Clad in very sexy red pumps, showing a glimpse of arch cleavage, Belle is a sight to behold, and throw in her sultry, sexy voice, and you just have to surrender completely.

11.24.08 Incredibly hot Russian beauty Masha is the truth!  This sexy model has some of the sexiest feet around, and she sure knows how to use them, to bend guys to her will. I don’t care how big and tough you think you are, Masha can expertly make you surrender, and love every minute of it.  Masha is back with three killer clips that will have your tongue wagging like a dog on a hot summer day.

11.10.08 Irrepressible Oksana is back, with her megawatt smile, and sexy size 8s, she’ s just killer all around.  Oksana is much more than a great pair of tootsies, though, she’s electric, charismatic, and magnetic all at once, which of course, makes for an unbeatable combination.  See her wear a pair of fire engine red platforms which will blow you away, all the while teasing you, like it’s not tomorrow.

11.03.08 Wildly sexy and high arched Davida come back with a pair of nifty black stripper heels, and puts of a great show.  Davida is too sexy to resist, and she knows it, working her spell with her beautiful size 6s.

09.29.08 Russian beauty Polina is back, weaving her magic, and making all things good, with her succulent size 7 tootsies.  Watch her flirt in her native language, all the while making it hard to concentrate in anything else but her undulating feet.

09.22.08 Meet lovely Sasha West and be totally amazed by this sexy young model.  Sasha is naturally sexy, and effortlessly brings the charm in spades, so you’re going to love her.  And not to be outdone, sweet Jennica is also here, and she has some sweet and soft soles to offer, but if you’ve seen her before, you already know that.

09.15.08 Long legged, high arched, Leah G. is back to bring you more foot fun, as she magically works her perfect size 8s, and turns up the heat.  Clad all in white, Leah is a spectacular visual treat, and how beautifully she points her tootsies, and shows off her arches.

09.08.08 Elegant Jacqueline makes her stunning debut on Feet Fair with three scintillating new clips, where she does the foot tease thing to perfection.  Jacqueline may be a newbie, but she knows how to work it, and presents her mouthwatering peds with the cool confidence of a skilled surgeon.  Look for more of this awesome model in the near future.

09.01.08 Amazing Oksana is just that, utterly amazing, as she combines great feet, great body, great face, and tremendous vivacity for the complete package you’ve come to expect from Feet Fair.  And here comes Sara Liz again, in fine form, flashing those awesomely high arched feet of hers, and teasing like only she can.  Check out the new videos from boths Oksana and Sara Liz in the members section.

08.18.08 This is outstanding, Little Dee’s younger sister Hazel makes her video debut with Feet Fair, and bring her sister in for some oral support. Well, being the sister to the great Dee has its advantages, and one of them is that you will learn to use your feet to tease people, in your sleep, and this is something Hazel handles with great ease. These two gorgeous sisters put on a show you won’t soon forget.

07.28.08 Little Dee reunites with her real life sorority sister Masha to do something they actually talked about doing some years ago, while still in college.  Back in college, Dee was a fledgling foot queen and she had told Masha she should try it, but Masha was a bit too shy.  Well, a lot has changed since, and Masha is now totally into foot worship, both in the giving and receiving end, all to our benefit.

07.21.08 Vivacious Jenisa is here again, ready to torture you all with those sweet size 6s of hers. These clips show her at her best, as she flexes, scrunches, and points of mouthwatering feetsies, and shows off those decadent high arches of hers.  Jenisa does it all, and she does it with a wicked smile that can only come from an expert foot tease.

07.14.08 This is a killer update, featuring two killer blondes with impossible high arches, and you know that Karyna and Leah G. deliver in spades. These two sexy vixens are just electric in front of the camera, and if you check out their new clips, you’ll have to agree that they’re as good as it gets.

07.07.08 Luscious Latina Belle is here, and this beautifully athletic girl pure sex appeal. Belle has wonderful size 9s, and she’s very fond of showing them off, something she does with great ease in her three brand new clips. And not to be outdone, Petite Sherri bring on some noise of her own and works her very on brand of magic with her tiny and shapely size 5s.

06.30.08 What a great duo we feature this week. First up is tall and elegant Polina, a very sexy Russian newbie, whom you’ll all like a lot. This is Polina’s foot fetish debut, and she handles her assignment with grace and aplomb, using her sexy size 7s to great effect. Not to be outdone, Fair Girl Giovanna is here with her incredibly shapely and trained size 6s, ready to lay down the law. Check out the clips and tell me I’m wrong.

06.23.08 Spectacular Charlie B. is back after her stunning debut on The Fair some months ago. Charlie has arches that just won’t quit, and she doesn’t mind using them to drive guys crazy, so get ready for another dose of high octane foot tease, that will leave you gasping for breath.

06.16.08 Voluptuous Russian beauty Vassanta comes back, and scandalously gets our attention with a foot and body show to stop traffic. Vassanta is an expert tease, and she gets profound joy out of knowing that thousands are fantasizing and getting overheated, dreaming of her perfect tootsies, and why not? What good are sexy feet when you can’t flaunt them to the world.

05.26.08 Oh yeah! Gorgeous Jamie is back, showing off those obscenely high arches of hers, and generally making hearts beat a little faster with her fabulous foot show. You don’t want to miss these three nifty little clips, which show Jamie at her absolute best.

05.19.08 Beautiful Kess is here, and man are we happy to see her. Kess is so sexy, it hurts, and when she turns those sweet size 6.5s on you, there’s no force strong enough to make you resist, so get ready to be wowed by a force of nature that you’ll love.

05.12.08 Magnificent Masha is back, and she just gets better and better all the time. Some of you might have seen the long version of these clips on our DVD called “Flirty Feet” – and Masha works those beautiful peds of her to perfection, in her clear high heels; what can possibly be better?

05.05.08 Ultra sexy blonde Davida is back, driving us crazy with those obscenely high arched feet or hers, and making us drool at the sight of her buttery smooth soles. The just don’t come much more erotically charged than Davida, as she is truly a treat to the senses, so kick back and enjoy the awe inspiring show.

04.28.08 You all know sexy, sexy Francine one of our mainstays, and hot like a house on fire. No one can get your motor running like this gorgeous Asian beauty, and she’s in fine form in these three new clips, teasing like it’s nobody’s business, so check her out, you’ll be glad you did.

04.21.08 Watch sexy Sherri make her debut at The Fair, and blow you away with her mouthwatering size 5.5 tootsies. “They” say that great things come in small packages (diamonds come to mind) and Sherri certainly makes that axiomatic. And then there’s Theophania, with those crazy, sexy, high arched tootsies of hers, who will just take you to the edge and back for more, who can ask for more?

04.14.08 Spectacular Leah G makes her foot fetish debut with The Fair, and are we lucky and honored to have her. This blonde beauty is just magnificent from head to toe, and you’ll soon become very well acquainted with her high arched tootsies. And the of course is Asian hottie Mai – whom you all have seen here before, and like Leah, she too has a trio of sizzling new clips.

04.07.08 What a treat, two great models with great feet, bringing on the fun with 3 new vid clips each. You all know beautiful Giovanna, who does it in style, wearing a pair of irresistible seamed stockings, for that unmistakable 50’s look. And then there’s lithe SaraLiz, whose high arched tootsies, are simply mouthwatering, relishing her role as the ultimate foot tease.

03.31.08 Red hot Jenisa really loves what she does, teasing guys with her feet comes as naturally as breathing to her, and when you have beautiful, high arched feetsies likes hers, well that makes you dangerous. Jenisa is here, and she’s relentlessly sexy, and funny to boot, and there’s nothing else we need.

03.10.08 Scintillating brunette Jamie is here, and she really knows how to bring it, with her high arched size 5.5s which will amaze and mesmerize. Jamie really knows how to flirt, and here she does it with abandon, as she flashes her lovely tootsies for all to admire.

03.03.08 Here comes blonde bombshell Davida, with her absurdly high arches to keep you entertained. Davida knows what makes you tick, and she’s only to happy to wind you up like her personal toy, so watch out, ‘cause she’s primed and ready.

02.18.08 Another double treat is here, with the delectable feet of Emiliana and Little Dee on the menu, and what can possibly be better? These two petite dynamos explode in your screen with mesmerizing moves that will leave you wanting more…

02.11.08 Katerina is too beautiful for words, and her feet are as sexy as they come, so here she is again to show off and give you heart palpitations. Katerina rules the roost, effortlessly and beautifully, giving her fans what they want.

02.04.08 Brunette beauty Theophania is here, to make you dizzy with her high arches, and captivate you with her beautiful eyes. Theo is new to the game, but she has learned quickly about the power of her feet, and that really amuses her, because she love nothing better than to tease.

01.28.08 Karyna makes her solo debut at Feet fair, and she's got three clips to back it up, while sweet Jenisa is her for the third time, adding to her already impressive body of work. Enjoy each high arched beauty, and marvel at their awesome feet.

01.21.08 Two favorite Feet Fair models bring us three video clips each this week, the fabulous Mai and Masha. What a double treat of sexy feet and hotter than hell models, who know how to work it to perfection, and can effortlessly make you sweat.

01.14.08 Here’s a set of six sexy feet clips to get your motor running. First we start with lovely SaraLiz – as she makes her Feet Fair debut and dazzles us all with her smoldering sexy good looks and her fine, high arches tootsies. And then we have beautiful Skye - whom you all know, and who is always happy to thrill and amaze you, and here she does it in fine style.

12.31.07 Here’s sexy Russian Vassanta to get you excited. A natural flirt, Vassanta loves to show off her feet, and having them being the subject of all your fantasies, so modeling for Feet Fair is almost second nature to her. Check out Vassanta’s three clips in the member area and be blown away.

12.24.07 Here comes sexy Charlie B. with those sexy toots of hers, and her amazing arches. Charlie’s playful nature is readily apparent in these red hot clips, where she takes the art of tease to a whole new level, and she can wear a pair of high heeled mules like very few can.

12.10.07 These clips are a treat, because sexy Asian pixie Jennica is as cute and sweet as she is sexy, and when she waves those sexy 5.5s in your face, all your resistance will met away like late April snow. Check out Jennica’s debut on Feet Fair, and be thoroughly impressed.

< 12.03.07 Beautiful, and glamorous, few models match Katerina for sheer beauty, but throw in an incredible pair of size 8s, with high arches, and you have the makings of a spectacular foot model, check out her three new clips and be convinced.

11.19.07 Welcome back, here’s an update you won’t want to miss, the incomparable Dee is back, and this time she brings high arched beauty Karyna with her, who makes her debut at Feet Fair. The girls put on a show that you won’t soon forget, as they worship each other’s feet like their life depend on it. And then there’s Thea – a quirky model in with incredibly sexy soles, and a very flirty way, and she has a set of her own to make things just right.

11.12.07 Here’s another double dose of trouble for all you foot aficionados out there. Jenisa and Skye are very different, but both are very appealing, because they are both superb models, with awe inspiring, mouthwatering feet, and Jenisa has those high arches that just won’t quit. Check them out in the members section, and see why they are so devastatingly attractive, so don't miss out on great foot tease action.

11.05.07 Busty beauty Mai is back, and you know what that means, three action packed video clips that will surely leave you wanting more, and more is what you’ll get when her second DVD is released early in 2008. Mai knows what you want, and she’s not shy about giving it to you, so batten down the hatches and get ready for a fun ride.

10.22.07 Petite fire cracker Masha is here, ready to stun you all with her sweet toots and seductive personality. Masha makes her debut with us, and is picture perfect in the fine art of foot teasing, taking her natural flirtatious ways to a new level, and giving us all a well deserved treat.

10.15.07 Feet Fair brings back the incomparable Little Dee to do what she does best, and this time she does it with petite Asian Sakura. These clips (and the matching DVD) are a non stop orgy of foot lust as the girls worship each other’s feet like their very life depends on it, and the sizzling action is almost too hot to handle, definitely not for the faint of heart, that’s for sure.

10.01.07 Petite and graceful Emiliana is here, with her pleasingly arched petite feet, and her lithe and supple body. Emiliana might be new to foot teasing, but she doesn’t miss a beat and gives her adoring public what it wants.

09.24.07 Russian goddess Katerina is here, and what a goddess she is, gorgeous from head to toe, and possessing a wonderful pair of slender and high arched tootsies. Katerina is simply spectacular, and one of our best recent models, so don’t miss out and check out her clips.

09.10.07 Glamour blonde Lindsey Burton returns, and is just as brutally sexy as the first time she graced our site. Lindsey oozes sensuality, but in a very quiet and understated way, which makes her even more alluring, and her feet are to die for, so what more could you want?

09.02.07 Glamour blonde Catalina is special in every way, awesome smile, great bubbly personality, and feet to make anyone drool. Cat has a ball showing off her dainty and sexy size 6.5s, showing off her high arches, and generally teasing poor Adam with the promise of her butter soft soles. Check out her 3 new clips in the member section and look for her DVD coming sometime in the near future.

08.27.07 Awesome Addie Juniper makes her triumphant debut at Feet Fair, and puts on quite a foot show. When it come to foot tease, Addie doesn’t fool around, and she loves to tease and please with her mouthwatering tootsies, and being that she’s pretty exhibitionistic, it makes for great viewing fun.

08.20.07 Here’s newcomer Jenisa, another model with super high arches, making her foot fetish debut with Feet Fair, and doing it in style. Jenisa might be new to the game, but she’s a quick study, and it didn’t take long for her to use her sexy size 5.6’s like an expert foot tease. See her 3 new clips in the member section, and become convinced of the power of her feet.

08.13.07 Get ready for a treat, as gorgeous Layla Mercedes debuts her gorgeous feetsies on The Fair, and shows why she’s a force to be reckoned with. Layla Mercedes has an effortless way of foot teasing that says she knows the full power of her feet, and is comfortable with everyone drooling at them, and what is wrong with that?

07.30.07 Original Fair Girl Skye returns, and for the very first time, is seen displaying her mouthwatering tootsies in moving pictures, and that’s a treat you don’t get every day, so get yourself over to the member section and check her out.

07.16.07 Asian Hotties Francine and Sakura bring the heat like it's nobody's business, in a very intense two way foot worship session, which starts with the girls teasing and playing with their mouthwatering tootsies. Check out their 3 killer clips in the video section, and if you like what you see, you can always pick up the DVD in the shopping area.

07.02.07 It's time for another double treat in the video clip department, and we start with yet another new model. Blonde cutie, Lindsey Burton is just sooo very nice from head to toe, that you will soon find yourself totally addicted to her, and her awe inspiring size 8s. And then there's bubbly Thea, who is always just thrilled to tease with her mouthwatering feet, and enjoys it as much as any model. Thea's toots are seriously sexy, and she will mercilessly tease you with them until you can't take it anymore.

06.25.07 Here comes young and beautiful Jenn to shake your foundations. Already an expert foot queen, Jenn expects her feet to be pampered and worshiped at all times, and she can foot tease in her sleep. Three great clips of Jenn are all you need to see, and you will be convinced that she’s the real deal.

06.18.07 Meet gorgeous, high arched Madeline Rose, another of The Fair's sublimely wonderful foot models. Madeline Rose knows how to use here brutally sexy size 8s to mesmerize and render you helpless, and make you happy while she does it, so check her out in the member section, you'll be glad you did.

06.11.07 It’s awesome double treat week at Feet Fair with the addition of 6 brand new clips from 2 scintillating models, first timer Jessica, and second time Sakura. Both models are brilliant foot tease artists and will no doubt leave their fans clamoring for more, which will be served in the near future in their respective DVDs.

06.04.07 Beautiful Merideath is back, with some sweet clips of her working her tootsie magic. Merideath has a really sexy voice to go along with the rest of her, and she won’t disappoint here, as she weaves her spell to perfection.

05.28.07 Here’s a third sizzling set of Lana video clips. These 3 clips find Lana in rare form, wearing a pair of sexy multi color sandals, and working her sole magic to perfection. Lana can put on quite a show, and these clips are proof that she can mesmerize with the best of them.

05.21.07 Sexy Gwen is back, and she’s using her mouthwatering feetsies to devastating effect, by making us drool with amazement and anticipation. Gwen is just awesome when she coos with that sexy, smoky voice of her, and flashes those incredible tootsies in your face. Don’t believe me? Check out her new video clips in the member area.

04.16.07 Sultry Thea debuts at The Fair, and proceeds to thrill and amaze all with her very fine size 7 feet. Throw in a pair of black and silver, sparkly disco diva platforms, and you got yourself a combustible mix. Thea teases like she breathes, and loves the effect it has of her hapless viewers, so if drooling at perfect toots is your thing, you must not miss these hot 3 clips in the member section.

04.09.07 Beautiful blonde bombshell Lindsey puts on a show like very few models can, she points and scrunches her exqisite size 6s to devastating effect. Throw in some black fishnets, translucent wooden heels, and some topless action, and what more can you possibly ask for? Check out her 3 video clips in the member section, and if you like what you see, you can always pick up her DVD in the DVD section.

03.19.07 Fancy and Francine bring their succulent tootsies back to The Fair and display them like it's nobody's business, in a double dose of footsie fun to please all. Check out their clips, and each models has three of her own, and if you like what you see, you can always purchase their DVD in the shopping section.

03.05.07 Petite Sakura makes her debut at Feet Fair, and doesn't disappoint, as she not only has some of the cutest feet going, she knows what to do with them. See Sakura prance around in her tropical colored heels, and then bare her sweet tootsies to reveal a pair of delectable soles.

02.26.07 Scintillating Lana turns in a sterling foot tease performance here, making you wish you were her shoes, ‘cause she’s as hot as it gets. These three smoldering clips are just the thing any serious foot aficionado wants.

02.12.07 Voluptuous beauty Jessie is here, and man is she something to behold. This outrageously sexy model, with her outrageously high arches, packs quite a punch, and now you can see her clips in the member section with a DVD on the way, how can you possibly lose?

01.29.07 Tall and elegant Ariel Anderssen learns the finer points of foot teasing on the fly, and displays her mouthwatering size 10s for all to admire. Ariel is not only a quick study, she's naturally sexy and has loads of charm to go along those teasing tootsies of her, all while she gives some of the best voice around in her crisp English accent. Check her three cool clips and the member section, and if you like what you see, you can always pick up her DVD on our store.

01.15.07 Sultry Jenna, is one hot Asian firecracker, with incredible charisma and red hot feet, while the rest of her isn’t too shabby either. Jenna’s easy banter will drive you distraction, all the wile making you hotter than hell, as she mercilessly waves her killer tootsies in your face, cruelly aware of your desire, this is plain outstanding.

01.08.07 Well, here's Bombshell Mandy and Francine again, raising hell, and having their way with each other's feet. These clips are just fantastic as each model brings a unique look to the table, and their feet, although very different, are equally attractive. If you like the clips, you will love the DVD, which is available in the shopping area.

01.01.07 Here’s a dose of double barrel fun to start the New Year right. This week we have added clips from both Renee and Roxanne for your viewing pleasure, and each model brings in her individual touch to the table, and the results are just spectacular. Check out the member section for 3 clips on each model.

12.25.06 This are the clips you've been waiting for, as super high arched Trish does her thing yet again, and this time, she also brings a DVD to the table, to tease you like you know you deserve to be teased. Trish is masterful, and will make a believer out of you, and that, you can take to the bank.

12.18.06 Magnificent Lana has decided to do some video work for The Fair, and this is where we all win, ‘cause when she flashes those mesmerizing tootsies of hers, all bet are off. Check out her three blistering 90 seconds clips in the member section and see for yourself.

12.11.06 Yes kids, this is another double treat Monday with new model Emily and Fair veteran Maureen to make your day. Emily is beyond sexy, and she gives great voice, while Maureen works her tiny size 5's just perfectly, what's not to like?

12.04.06 Beautiful British blonde Soph is here to take over, and show you who’s boss. This very pretty model has totally mouthwatering and awe inspiring feet, and you can see three great clips of them in the member section, and if you like what you see, there’s always her new DVD.

11.20.06 Red hot Little Dee is back with a veangeance, ready to reclaim her throne as the undisputed foot queen of all, and she's all over that, teasing nercilessly with a red leather skirt, and matching high heels. Dee's mouthwatering size 6's are on full diplay on her 3 new video clips, and you can see them only in the member section.

11.13.06 Here’s another set of really cool Mai clips to make you happy. Mai teases in style while wearing fluorescent green slides with jot pink bands, what’s not to love? These three wonderful 90 second clips sizzle and simmer, and make for some fine viewing at any time.

11.06.06 How cool is this? Two of The Fair’s biggest models having their way with each others’ feet? I think it’s pretty cool, and that’s why Bombshell Mandy and Francine are here, to give you the show you want and deserve, and you can only see in the member section, in three hot and steamy video clips.

10.30.06 This is Julie, and are you in for a treat. Julie has everything sexy girl should have, including a very sexy and mouthwatering pair of size 8s that will capture your imagination. Because this is her foot fetish debut, Julie is poised to take the world by storm, and you don’t want to miss her 3 earth shattering clips in the member section.

10.23.06 Another dose of double trouble is featured on The Fair this week, with magnificent newcomer Lex, and returning hottie Jordan to make things hot and steamy. Both these modesl are in fine form, and you can see them in all their glory in our very impressive member video clips section, each with their own set of three 90 second clips.

10.16.06 Meet buxom babe Merideath, a great model with great feet, and not too shaby everything else for that matter. Merideath makes her video debut here with 3 great vide clips, and does a fabulous job for a neophyte, so sit back and enjoy the experience.

10.09.06 Here are another sensational group of six (6) 90 sencond clips, introducing 3 from super debutante Trish, and 3 more from sizzling hot Jade, who made her debut at Feet Fair some weeks ago. Look for the clips in the member area.

10.02.06 Well, our members are in for another treat this week, as we add a total of six brand new 90 second clips to the mix. For starters, we have the super mind blowing Alison, sporting red boxing gloves, and matching accessories, and just for good measure, we also bring you high arched Tracy J. just to make sure you’re all paying attention.

09.25.06 Here are 3 more great 90 second video clips from the awe inspiring Jennifer Luv to make your day go right. Jennifer needs no introduction, and any regular visitor to The Fair already knows that her feet are top of the line, and the rest of her is just as great, so check her out in the member section and see for yourself why she's a foot queen deluxe.

09.18.06 You have already met lovely Jade through pictures, and now you can hear her talk and seduce you with those dynamite tootsies of hers. This Latin firecracker serves notice, and if you can resist her, maybe you should check your pulse. Three brand new clips of Jade are waiting for you in the member section.

09.11.06 The video clips are back! And what better way to bring them back than with a hot new model, and red hot Mai does the trick nicely. You will ike what you see in the three 3 scintillating clips in the meber section, and the DVD is coming up soon.

06.15.06 That's right kids, here's more awesome clips from awesome Giovanna, who is as sexy as they get. We bring you three (3) more 90 seconds video clips for your viewing enjoyment. Giovanna wears and plays with her fire engine red mules to stunning effect

05.22.06 Yowsah! Another double dose of trouble for all you vid clip lovers out there. First we have comely newcomer Jordan, who is just superb in front of the camera, doing her thing with her sweet size 6s. And then there's Fair Girl Evelisse, whom you have already seen, and she does her thing with her mouthwatering size 6s, how can it be better than that? Each model has three 90 second clips for your viewing pleasure, in the members section.

05.01.06 Here's another great treat for you all, three (3) more awesome 90 sencond video clips from the very delightful Sune to make your life Sunny. Don't let this quiet young model fool you, beneath that calm exterior lies heat as intense as there is, and it will melt through your defenses.

04.10.06 If you like sizzle, then these are the clips for you, as beautiful Francine and Nicole bring their own firebrand of tropical madness to the table. These two are very fond of each other, and their respective tootsies - and it shows, as the sear and simmer in three awesome three 90 second clips in the member section.

04.03.06 Here's a double dose of goodness for all you foot fanciers. First we have the very beautiful Jennifer Luv making her debut with us, and making us speechless with her world class tootsies. And then we have some great clips from statuesque Staci, who has been with us before, but never on video, so this is a treat for all, each model checks in with three 90 second clips, only available in our member section.

03.27.06 You have seen ultra sexy Aja on The Fair before, and judging by your reaction, you liked. Well, Aja is back with a brand new DVD which is every bit as steamy as her first. This petite beauty, with her dainty size 6s, can tease effortlessly, and deliver the goods, because she really loves knowing that her feet (and the rest of) her can get anyone worked up. Check out the 3 fine 90 second clips in the member section, and you can visit the shopping page and pick up her DVD if you like what you see.

03.13.06 They don't get any sexier than petite Latina Evelisse, who can drive anyone wild with desire. This girl has it all, face, body, and of course feet, and man what feet, see her awesome 6 new 90 seconds clips and see what it's all about.

02.27.06 Beautiful and slender Sune is a sight to behold, with her beautiful and slender size 7s, clad in red heels, and beautifully bare too, she knows how to put on a hypnotic show. With 3 new 90 second clips in the member section, how can lose?

01.30.06 From a torrid 34 minutes of steamy foot tease action, we have taken three (3) 90 second clips of the best hot Nicole can deliver, and deliver she does. Just one look at this smoldering beauty, and you'll know what's good for you, so don't miss it, your fever will start at once…

01.16.06 Sabrina is another high arched wonder added to our already impressive collection, and her arches are as high as any of our superstars. Her three (3) 90 second clips will make a believer out of you, as Sabrina flexes, twists, points, dangles, and spreads, in a show of force to be reckoned with, and leave you wondering if what you've witnessed is real, or just a mirage. When you catch your breath, truck on down to our DVD Shopping Page and pick up the DVD, you'll be glad you did.

01.09.06 Petite Amanda Nicole is the cat's meow, with feet that are made to be worshiped, and she's not afraid to use them to tease you to the max. The three (3) 90 second clips are as mesmerizing as they are arousing, as Amanda Nicole pulls all the stops and brings the power of her delicate tootsies to your screen. If you like the clips, you'll love the DVD which can be found in the DVD Store of course.

01.02.06 You've come to expect the best from The Fair, and we deliver yet again, and this time with two of our most atomic models. Who doesn't love the high arch grace of Christy and Natalia, the two lovelies have it in spades, and when they decide to worship each other's feet, well, just hold on to the roof… Smoldering, constant foot worship action is the name of this game, and you can check it out in three (3) awesome 90 seconds video clips in the member section, and you can purchase their DVD in the Shopping Page.

10.31.05 Frisky friends Erin and Mindy enjoy lounging around and comparing feet, and they have a ball doing it, while we watch in quiet awe. If you like playful feet being thrust in your face, this is your ticket as the girls chatter away while teasing without mercy. You can view their promo video clip, in their profile page, their three 90 second vid clips in the member section, and purchase their DVD in the Shopping Page.

10.24.05 Giovanna's feet are sore after auditioning for a local ballet company, and she gingerly nurses her aching tootsies, until Little Dee arrives, just in time to offer her some relief. Dee starts massaging Gio's petite and shapely feet, and giving her words of encouragements, when Gio, having caught a second wind, starts getting frisky feet. It doesn't take long for Dee to take her cue, and do what she does best, as she then proceeds to devour Gio's lower appendages. The action is vintage Dee, as she manages to render Gio speechless after she ambushes her with her incredible technique. You can view their promo video clip, in their profile page, their three 90 second vid clips in the member section, and purchase their DVD in the Shopping Page.

10.17.05  Here's another wonderful troika for all you lovers of multiple models. Fair Girl Francine returns with two of her cute Asian girlfriends to drive you guys crazy, and crazy you'll get. These girls tease, they play, and they take turns worshipping each other's feet, all the while keeping up a lively banter that will charm and mesmerize you. You can view their promo video clip, in their profile page, their three 90 second vid clips in the member section, and purchase their DVD in the Shopping Page.

10.10.05  Shoe dangling, soles in your face, a bathtub scene, it's all here for you, as Isabel skillfully draws you into the world of adoring her succulent feet. This DVD is action packed, with wall to wall foot action that will leave you breathless, and the incomparable Isabel does her thing with her feet, to make you hot and bothered, and really like it. Don't know what we're talking about? There are 3 awesome 90 second clips in the member section that will whet your appetite for awesome feet. And you can pick up the DVD on our DVD Sales Page.

09.05.05  Well, where else can you find ballerina feet in addition to all the great other stuff on The Fair? Ethereal beauty Giovanna will show you what it's all about, as she first goes through her paces and warm-ups she uses to stay limber, and then decides to get funkier with sexy high heels, all the while mesmerizing us with her supple dancer's soles. We have 3 vid clips in the member area, and a sweet DVD for sale in the DVD Sales Page.

08.22.05  Bombshell Mandy is something to behold, with her1950s platinum blonde looks and her otherworldly arches, who can possibly resist? Her succulent size 9 feet and miles of legs can be seen in 3 great vid clips in the member area, and if that doesn't satisfy you, there's always her DVD in our sales page to scratch your itch.

08.08.05  This is one fun addition to our vid clips vault. The irrepressible Crissty is featured with six sweet clips from her debut DVD "Red Hot Crissty" - 3 with of her alone, and the other 3 with gorgeous Natalia worshipping her awesome feet. Don't forget to visit or DVD Sales page to purchase the whole thing.

06.20.05  Well, here we go again, with another scintillating 2 girl worship session for the ages. This time, sweet Fair Girls Natalia and Samantha team up to bring you another classic. Check out the sweet 3 clips in them member section and see for yourself, and if you like what you see, there's always the DVD available in our DVD Sales Page.

05.30.05  Beautiful blonde Tiffany gives you a wonderful close-up glimpse, of her world beating soles. Whether she's wearing elegant see-though heels or just going barefoot, this dazzling young model is just a sight to behold, and you can check her out in her 3 new clips in the member section.

05.23.05  Hot, hot, hot Gwen returns to The Fair in a hot and steamy bathtub scene, featuring her soft and succulent wet feet, and she later dries up and teases us from a night table and bed. Check her out in 3 great clips in the member section.

05.05.05  Here's Kerri's turn to shine, with 3 clips that will leave you breathless. Kerri is a natural tease, and she will make you happy happy. In case the clips don't convince you, you can always purchase her DVD, from or Shopping Page, it will set you free.

04.25.05  You don't want to miss Erin boys and girls, because she's just a sensational find, and you won't soon forget her. This young firecracker has nothing but mega-watts of energy, and she's as beautiful as any model out there, with feet to match. What are you waiting for? See her 3 video clips, and then purchase her DVD, you'll be glad you did.

04.04.05  Well, what can I possibly say? This is as fun as fun gets, with four of the most popular Fair Girls doing what comes naturally, teasing with their feet, and having a ball in 3 action packed clips. See Christina, Little Dee, Francine and Natalia talk about how much fun it is about modeling for Feet Fair in clip 1. In clip 2, Christina and Natalia decide to do a foot "torture" on Francine, before Francine turns the tables in clip 3 and tickles her tormentors in retaliation.

02.21.05  World beaters Little Dee and Natalia team up for a foot worship session that has to be seen to be believed. This smoldering duo will have you raving and wailing for more, because they are just that sexy, and they are just that good... After you see the 3 video clips in the member area, you're resistance will be broken because if you love beautiful women worshipping feet thee way it ought to be done, this is the DVD for you. Pick it up at our Shopping Page.

01.17.05  Aja is just devastating when it comes to teasing mercilessly with her feet, and tease she does, with all the joy an abandon of a kid left alone in a candy store. Check out the 3 video clips in the member section that will give you the preview for her 30 minute debut film, which can be found in the Shopping Page.

01.03.05  Hey kids, you must check out tall and graceful Nadia, she of the enchanting Russian accent and long and slender size 10 tootsies. Her DVD is one great half and hour of sexy playfulness, as she waves those awesome feetsies of her like a snake charmer to a cobra. Nadia fully understands the art of teasing, and her powerful blend of girlish charm and sex appeal, will thrill and delight you. Please visit our Shopping page to purchase the DVD, and you can find 3 great clips on the member section..

12.06.04  This is another great production from The Fair, as beautiful Christina makes her video debut, along with gorgeous Emmie, for a girl/girl worship movie to be remembered. This is as fun as fun gets, as the worship turn from steamy to red hot, and ends in a fun pillow fight between the girls. The full length feature is available on DVD and can be obtained by visiting our Shopping page, and you can find 6 great clips on the member section..

11.22.04  Well… it had to happen, this is Little Dee's second video for us, and it doesn't disappoint. Joined by world beater Francine, this awesome foot worship work will make a believer out of you; and now you can preview it with Six (6) Clips in the member section. This DVD makes a great Christmas present, and you can purchase it DVD by visiting our DVD Sales Page.

10.25.04  You've known her and loved her for a long time, so we finally got some moving pictures of lovely Maureen, who has made a really sexy little movie for us. As customary, we bring you six awesome clips from the video, and you can purchase the DVD by visiting our DVD Sales Page.

10.04.04  Well… The Fair does it again kids, with another fantastic model for your viewing pleasure. This awesome young lady has the incredibly flexibly flexible feet of an dancer, which of course, is what she is. We have 6 clips, of lovely Lisa D. - and wait until you see them.

09.27.04   Is this cool or what? Yes ladies and gentlemen, we have more video clips for your enjoyment, and this week we feature cover girl Lucky, who will make you feel like her name when you see her. From a feature that will soon be available on DVD, we have taken six great excerpts that will really rock your boat.

08.23.04   Wow! Is this a fun update or what? Those perky, irrepressible Taylor Twins return to The Fair with some seriously sexy clips and pictures. See them lounge around their apartment, discussing everything from shoes to guys, playing footsie, and just teasing the hell out us all. Six (6) clips are available in the member section.

08.09.04   This week we feature 6 band new clips of Fancy, the week's cover girl. Fancy is an expert seductress, and will soon have you begging for the privilege of worshipping your feet. These clips are a must-see. More on Fancy coming in the near future.

08.02.04   The fun continues with awesome Francine, who will show you what real foot teasing is all about, this girl is simply irresistible so we have added 6 additional clips for you viewing pleasure. There are some more clips of this great model coming up soon, so make sure to check in often, and look for more clips on next week's model.

07.19.04  You have to see Francine to believe her. This girl is the whole package, devastating feet, gorgeous face and body, and enough charisma to light up Times Square for a whole year. But what is really special about Francine, is the way she teases with her feet, if you can resist her, maybe you should check your pulse. Check out 6 clips of her in the member section, with many more to come.

07.05.04  Another 6 clips have been added to the video archives in the member section, and they all feature new model Sasha. You will just love her shapely size 8s, with beautifully arched soles. Sasha keeps up a funny banter, as she describes her experiences with foot related experiences.

05.24.04  Another 6 clips have been added to the video archives in the member section, and they all feature the fair Natalia. This young lady is something to behold because she has some of the most sensuous moves on this earth, and one look at this clips will convince you beyond any doubt.

05.17.04  Another 6 clips have been added to the video archives in the member section. Three of them feature new model Christina doing a mini interview and a short promo for The Fair. The other three feature Fair perennial Natalia, also doing some teasing and promo shorts.

05.10.04  This week we have added another 6 clips from a scintillating session between Polish beauties Ania Peach and Little Dee. This production features great foot worship action, along with some great solo foot pay from Dee, and is well worth seeing. The 30 minute production from which it originates will also be on sale soon.

05.03.04  This is one of the hottest movies I have ever done and it features two of the hottest foot models anywhere. Both Emmie and Natalia are just smoldering, and will show you what real foot worship is all about. For your viewing pleasure, we have added 6 clips form this production to the member's section, and look for more clips from Natalia in the very near future.