03.23.15 - Amazing California models Cynthia Ruth and Nikki, with their impressive high arches, and sweet soles, team up to bring you an earth shaking update.

Russian hottie and Fair Girl supreme Julie has a fine pair of soles of her own, which are a bit scruffy this week, but as alluring as ever.

03.16.15 - Welcome to Arch Madness!  This week, legendary arch queen Mona Lisa brings you another dose of awesome, as she customarily does, and it’s nothing short of breath taking.

Mature Latina Milly has a fine pair of arches of her own, and she too shares them with you in her very sexy way.

03.09.15 - What a week at The Fair, as Polish glam queen Marien comes back, wearing a carnival mask, and showing off those sublime arches of hers.  It’s always good to see Marien, and her quirky energy matches her natural beauty perfectly.

We also have the original Polish blonde queen this week too.  Legendary Little Dee is as good as it gets, and her fan base is as big as it is diverse.

03.02.15 - Sublimely beautiful Annette is here again, showing off those brutally high arches of hers, and continuing to make her case as to why she’s the hottest foot model on The Fair right now.

Petite and sultry Eliza is like candy from Heaven, addictive and stimulating, so make sure you get your sugar rush.

02.23.15 - Petite blonde bombshell Danica is back, and she continues her stunning assault on your senses.  Danica really loves to show off her beautifully small, and high arched tootsies, and this week, she gives you a full load.

Sexy Asian beauty Lynn is back too.  After making her debut on the Christmas issue, Lynn is here to serve notice that she’ll be a foot model to be reckoned with for a long time.

02.16.15 - Hello everyone.  Rookie of The Year for 2014 contest winner Macy is back, and she’s showing off her sweet size 9s, and high arches again.

And speaking of high arches.  Superb Fair Girl Precious Spectra is here too, and we all know she’s already legendary.

02.09.15 - Amazing Fair Girls Giovanna is back after being sorely missed for some time, and she’s packing her usual dynamite with her.

German goddess Sami is here too, showing off her superb size 9s, and making us all hungry for a great show.

02.02.15 - No one does that magical blend of gorgeous and sexy quite like Catalia, and this Fair Girl shows again that she’s total goddess from head to toe.

Beautiful Tara Lind has her own kind of magic, with her dazzling smile, and sensational 8 ½ feet, she is a force of nature.

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01.26.15 - Petite Vicky makes her foot fetish debut with us this week, and she’s going to knock you guys out with her small and slender, size 5.5 toots.

Fair Girl Tracy J. is here too, and you guys are too familiar with her highly addictive, high arched size 8.5s.

01.19.15 - This week, ethereal beauty Nikki makes her foot fetish debut with The Fair, revealing a pair of world class arches.  This lithe model will blow you away with her head to toe allure and beauty.

Speaking of high arches, mature Dominican Milly is also here, and we already know what she bring to the table; her usual incandescent hotness.

01.12.15 - Hello people, this week we bring gorgeous California girl Cynthia Ruth to the fold, and you’re just going to love her. Cynthia Ruth is electric from head to toe, and a great addition to The Fair.

Complex Enigma joins makes her second appearance with us, as she joins Cynthia Ruth for an irresistible 1-2 punch.

01.05.15 - Hey guys, happy 2015, and what better way to welcome the New Year than by bringing back the legendary Mona Lisa back in the fold.   It’s been well worth the wait, as Mona Lisa continues to be as sexy as ever.

Sizzling hot Julie is here too, and she brings her own brand of awesome to the table, making for a perfect week at The Fair.

12.29.14 - Hey guys, as we get ready to close the year, here come two of our best models, just for you.  First up is the legendary Little Dee – who is as good as it gets, and she never disappoints.

Busty Marcela is also here, and she too pack a wallop of her own, with her ample bosom and sweet. High arched feet.

12.22.14 - Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all our friends.  This week we introduce another killer new model, and she’s sure you to be a big hit.  Asian goddess Lynn makes her foot fetish debut at The Fair, and you’re just going to love her.

You all already love sexy Latina Angela, so here she is yet again with a very keen Christmas set of her own, to make this truly a week to celebrate.

12.15.14 - Whomever said that great things come in small packages had it right, as newcomer Danica proved in her debut a few weeks ago.  Well, Danica is back, showing off her killer body and ridiculously sexy high arched feet.

Sweet Eliza is another petite stunner, and like Danica, she’s here for the second time, making a statement of her own.

12.08.14 - Hello everyone.  Arches are wild this week as beautiful and statuesque Annette brings her superb size 10 arches to the table, to dazzle and delight.

And as if, Precious Spectra brings her equally impressive arches too, and gives this week a 1-2 punch that is hard to beat.

12.01.14 - Welcome to December!  As the year winds down, we keep the heat on by bringing you some more of sweet Tara Lind.  Tara has those mouthwatering, thick and wrinkly soles that are so much fun to touch, and do other things to.

Sensational Macy does her second appearance, and lets it all hang out by showing off her delectably high arched feet.

11.24.14 - This week we’re graced by her awesomeness Tracy J. – who is legendary, and one of Feet Fair’s greatest assets.

Beautiful Vex Voir is here, to keep Tracy some excellent company, and dazzles you with her might toots.

11.17.14 - This week we’re graced by her awesomeness Tracy J. who is legendary, and one of Feet Fair’s greatest assets.

Beautiful Vex Voir is here, to keep Tracy some excellent company, and dazzle you with her might toots.

11.10.14 - German juggernaut Sami is as sexy as they come, and she’s here again, serving notice that she’s her to stay.

Mature Latina Milly is here too, showing off her delicate feet, with their beautifully high arches.

11.03.14 - Another exciting week at Feet Fair as we add the amazing Complex Enigma to our ranks.  With her sublime size 6s, and European 1960s movie star looks, Enigma is a fine addition to The Fair.

Brutally sexy Julie is here too, and she’s already legend from head to toe, because she brings it every time.

10.27.14 - Amazing newcomer Eliza is here to serve notice that she’ll be a force to be reckoned with in the future.

Busty Marcela is here too, showing off her meaty soled, high arched tootsies, like she doesn’t even care.

10.20.14 - Petite and beautiful Maria Dulce is back this week, for those of you who love her super wrinkly soles

Petite and beautiful Sha Sha is her too, for a great Latina 1-2 punch that’s sure to be a hit.

10.13.14 - This week, amazing Danica makes her debut on Feet Fair, and she reveals her superb, size 4, high arched toots to our audience. Danica is the real thing, and you’re going to love her.

Fair Girl Casey is here too, and of course everyone knows that her sweet, high arched size 6s are by now legendary.

10.06.14 - Hey charges, superstar Annette is back this week, once again showcasing those amazing size 10s, with those incredibly high arches of hers.

Joining Annette is Asian cutie Tessa – who is as sexy as they get, and loves to show off her dainty size 6 feet.

09.29.14 - Another amazing new model for you guys this week. Meet statuesque Macy, all 5’ 10” and high arched size 8s of her. Macy is totally dynamic from head to toe, and will be hear from again.

Superb and sexy Latina Angela is here too, and you know she needs no introduction, ‘cause she’s made quite a mark for herself on The Fair.

09.22.14 - Gorgeous glamour blonde Angelica is back for the second time on The Fair, she of the high arched size 9s, and dazzling smile.  Angelica is one of the better additions to our roster, and we hope to have her for a long time to come.

Sultry Latina Arielle makes her third appearance on Feet Fair, and she’s as fine and appealing as the first two.

09.15.14 - Superb Precious Spectra is here this week, she of the alabaster skin, and fantastic high arches.  Spectra keeps on bringing the sexiest foot features time after time.

Sweet Tara Lind joins Spectra this week, proving once again that her deeply wrinkled soles are as sexy as they get.

09.08.14 - Superstar Fair Girl Little Dee is in the house this week, showing off her magic size 6s, and proving once again why she’s the stuff of legend.

Fair Girl Julie is here as well, sporting her new dark haired look, and using her ultra hot size 9s to stun everyone into submission.

09.01.14 - Powerhouse Vex Voir makes her second Feet Fair appearance, and is just as amazing as in her first.  This lithe young model is simply electric form head to toe.

Sweet and sexy Karie is here too, and you know she has a very sexy pair of high arched, perfect feet of her own, making this a perfect update.

08.25.14 - Scintillating Catalia is here this week, looking ever so dazzling with her long blonde wig, and clad in white and gold.  All entirely too appropriate since she’s one of our golden girls.

Speaking of blonde hotties… Sexy Eva makes her foot fetish debut with us this week, and adds her high arched toots to our vast collection.

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08.18.14 - Fair Girl Casey is the gift that keeps on giving, and that’s something we can all take to the bank.  Casey consistently produces amazing pics, and with her sweet high arches, it’s no surprise she’s one of the top foot models anywhere.

Buxom Latina Marcela is no slouch herself, as she’s pure voluptuous delight from head to toe, and she complements Casey perfectly.

08.11.14 - Superb Fair Girl Tracy J. is here to show off those magnificent mature arches of hers.  Of course, the rest of her is just as impressive, but our regular visitors already know that.

Hot mature Latina Milly is here too, and she has a very impressive set of arches of her own, making it for a very good week at The Fair.

08.04.14 - Super-hot Latina firecracker Shasha is here, making her foot fetish modeling debut, and no doubt, making lots of new fans.  Shasha is a force to be reckoned with, and we look forward to having her around for a long time.

Überhot German babe Sami is here, showing off her beautifully high arched size 8.5s, and you already know what this superb tall blonde can bring to the table.

07.28.14 - Argentine stunner Annette is back, and she just keeps on being awesome.  This long legged six footer, with her miles of legs, and ridiculously high arches, is as irresistible as they come.

Colombian bombshell Angela is here to represent too, ‘cause she’s pure Latin goddess from head to toe, and this gorgeous lady always knows how to bring the heat in a big way.

07.21.14 - Hello kids.  This week we bring you another stunner.   High archerd Angelica is the real deal, and this tall, blonde beauty is sure to knock your socks off when you get a load of her perfect size 9s.

Asian hottie Tessa returns this week, and shows why her debut a few weeks ago was so successful, being a perfect complement to Angelica.

07.14.14 - Luscious Tara Lind, another of our “wayward” models, returns after being away a couple of years, and all I can say is that she’s a sight for sore eyes.

Sweet Maria Dulce makes this a perfect week by joining Tara, and giving us a double dose of amazing foot love. MD loves to display those crazy wrinkly soles of hers, and she does that in spades this week.

07.07.14 - After being away for a while, Russian powerhouse Julie is back, and she’s back with a vengeance. Sporting a new brunette look and bringing in her fabulous toots with a bit of roughness, Julie takes it up a notch for your viewing pleasure.

Joining Julie is second time model Arielle – another sultry Latina, with tons of appeal, and looks to match.

06.30.14 - This week we bring another scintillating model to our fold, the stunning Vex Voir – who is nothing short of spectacular.

And speaking of scintillating and spectacular, Fair Girl Catalia is here too, bringing her own magic to the show.

06.23.14 - After a two year absence, voluptuous Latin Marcela is back on Feet Fair, ready to make up for lost time.  This stacked hottie has amazing feet, with high arches and thick soles, perfect for teasing and much more.

Fair Girl Casey joins Marcela this week, and she’s stacked as well, not to mention those perfect high arches of hers.   Two models that will double your pleasure, what can be better?

06.16.14 - Welcome back you guys. Dominican mature hottie Milly is back on Feet Fair, showing off her high arches, and settling nicely into the lineup.  Milly is a nice change of pace for us, being that’s she’s completely inexperienced in any kind of modeling, and having come in solely (pun intended) on the strength of her feet.

Beautiful Karie joins Milly to give this week tremendous contrast and appeal, and she has a very decent pair of arches of her own. Both models provide something for everyone.

06.09.14 - Hello guys. This week we bring back German Amazon goddess Sami, with her imposing height and arches, she’s a sight to behold.

And speaking of high arches, Fair Girl Tracy J. is here too, doing her usual bang-up job of being awesome.

05.26.14 - As the weather warms up, so does The Fair.  What better way to get things hot than by featuring two of our most amazing Hispanic models.  First up is tall and elegant Annette, whose seriously high arches are quickly becoming the stuff of legend.

And then there's foot fetish legend, and Fair Girl deluxe Fancy - who needs no introduction, and whose leathery soles are as addictive as it gets.

05.19.14 - Welcome to another kick-ass week at The Fair, as two superb models, with tiny (5.5) feet make the scene.  Sweet and sexy Tessa joins the fold, this week, and I couldn't be more excited. Tessa may be new to foot modeling but she brings charisma and magnetism in spades, and that's always a good thing.

Speaking of good things. Sweet Maria Dulce is here too, showing off her super soft soles, with those tiny wrinkles on them.

05.12.14 - Hey youse guys.  This week sultry Latina Arielle makes her modeling debut here at The Fair, and we think she's a keeper.

Arielle was referred to Feet Fair by the one and only Precious Spectra, and she joins her friend this week, as they give us a devastating 1-2 punch.

05.05.14 - Welcome to June, charges, as a horrible northeastern Spring gives away to Summer, we bring you two of Feet Fair's most popular models.  First up is classic Fair Girl Little Dee, who certainly needs no introduction to our audience, and whose enduring appeal is beyond that of most foot models anywhere.

Joining Dee, is newer, but just as impressive and übersexy Latina Catalia, who is another Fair Girl classic, and who needs no introduction herself, and this makes it a sensational week at The Fair.

04.28.14 - Hello all good people.  This week we bring back hot mature Milly for your viewing pleasure.  Milly was first seen here last Fall, and I wasn't sure she would be back, but here she is, and she's looking great with her high arched feet.

Speaking of high arches, beautiful Fair Girl Casey is here too, doing her thing, and looking as stunning as always, so this is a good week if you love high arches.

04.21.14 - Welcome to his week.  German stunner Sami makes her second Feet Fair appearance, and she's as good as advertised, actually better.  With her long legs and high arches, Sami really brings home the sexy.

Joining Sami is beautiful Karie - who has very sweet, high arched toots of her own, and who is no stranger to this audience.

04.14.14 - Hello everyone.  Tracy J. the awesome is being feature this week, and you all know what she brings to the table.  Tracy's blend of mature beauty, complete with kick-ass body, and high arches, make her a classic in anyone's book, and she just keeps getting better with time.

Sweet alternative model Zerotia is back too, bring her own special magic, and doing it in style.

04.07.14 - Hello gang.  This week we have more of tall and gorgeous Annette for you, and she's in her usual fine form. Annette just loves to tease with those amazing size 10s of hers, and the way she wields her ridiculously high arches, makes them nothing short of weapons.

Beautiful and sweet Lilly is here too, helping Annette make this a very good week indeed.

03.31.14 - Welcome to the end of March, and the beginning of the MLB season, go Yankees!  Stunning Little Dee is here this week, wearing blue, and lounging at home like it's nobody's business.  Dee starts off by wearing psychodelic stockings and translucent blue heels, to then reveal her insanely sexy size 6s.

Amazing Precious Spectra joins Little Dee this week, to make things even hotter for you guys.  Know for her high arched size 8.5s, PS cuts quite a stunning figure with her beautiful alabaster skin, intensely blue eyes, and shocking red hair, making her a perfect complement to Dee.

03.24.14 - Hello Feet Fair fans.  This is a week for classic, as we bring you two of our most enduring models.  First up is the incomparable Fancy - who always brings her best, no matter what.

Casey is as good as it gets to, and she's always amazing to check out.  Casey's milky white soles and high arches are simply the stuff dreams are made of.

03.17.14 - Hello foot followers.  This week petite Latina hottie Maria Dulce returs, after being away for some time, and are we glad to see her sweet 5.5s with all those tiny sole wrinkles.

Joining Maria Dulce this week is Catalia the magnificent, a true superstar, and a true goddess from head to toe.  Catalia is as good as it gets, and her legion fans can't be wrong.

03.10.14 - Hello peoples.  This week, German powerhouse Sami makes her stunning foot fetish debut with The Fair, and serves notice that she'll be a force to reckon with in the future. Electric from head to toe, Sami is yet another tremendous high arched addition to our roster.

Joining Sami is Latina hottie Talya - whom you already know, and she's just as hot as they come, with her beautiful, petite 5.5s.

03.03.14 - Hello everyone.  It's been some time since beautiful fetish model extraordinaire model Zerotia has been seen of Feet Fair.  That changes this week, as Zerotia comes back in black, sporting a very cool Beatnik vibe, and showing off her very sexy wide feet.

Cherubic Lilly is here too, making her second appearance on Feet Fair, and reminding us all why she's a future foot fetish superstar.

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